Personal Profile   Rolf Kopf

Jahnstrasse 10

Phone:             09403 954943
Mobile:            0172 7205019
Fax:                 09403 9679979
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citizenship :     German
degree :           DI Verfahrenstechnik




10.2012 -                  Automotive
Power-Liftgate using AutoSar 3.2, RAM / ROM Test Integration,
Defining of Integration tests.
Skills: C, CANoe, WinIdea, MKS, Lint, DOORS


05.2011 – 10.2012   Automotive
attenuated turn table controller
Hardware related devolopment of Digital I/O drivers, AD Converters, Interrupt-Service Routines, SPI  und EEProm drivers.

Tool-Development for Integration-administration containing interfaces to Lotus-Notes and MKS in C#/.Net 4

development of savety - relevant control routines (ISO 26262)

Skills: C, CANoe, WinIdea, MKS, Tessy, Lauterbach, QAC, Assembler


01.2011 –03.2011    Automotive
devolpment of  CAN – Diagnostic routines, creation of Validation-Testspecs,
Lint warning reduction, Spezifikation eines Tools zur automatisierten Testerstellung/Testprotokollierung mit C#/.Net 4

Skills: C, CANoe, WinIdea, CM Cynergie / Change Synergie


06.2008 – 12.2010   Automotive
Project: Hybrid

Module test using Tessy and Code-Analysis, Code-Review. Coaching of the HIL-Tests. Temporary resident engineer at different oem’s.

C, TESSY, MKS, CAN, Vector-Tools, ECU-Test, Lauterbach

11.2007– 5.2008      Automotive
Project: Powertrain

Code implementation by  specification . Analyse Compiler- und LINT warnings. Development of an Analysis Tools.

Skills: C, C#, .NET3.5, PVCS, LINT

08-2007– 11.2007    Automotive
: Body Controller

Task: Code-Review and Code-Analysis. LINT and Compiler-Warnings.

C / OSEK / CAN / CM Cynergie / Change Synergie, V-Modell,


07.2006 – 07.2007   Automotive
: Einparkassistent

Task:  development and implementation of algorhitms for driving direction- and curb-detection. Programming  of the respective test environment in Bolrand C 6.0.

C, C++ (Borland 6), EXCEL, VB, COM, CAN

01.2006 – 06.2006   Design / Implementation / Test of several .Net based Applications.

.Net, Delphi 2006 Enterprise


10.2005 – 12.2005   Automotive
Project: AutoSar Demonstrator

Task: migration of existent applications into AutoSar compliant ones using Orpheus Tool


07.2004 – 09.2005   Automotive
Project: Car Body Controller

Tasks: Software Architect
Interface definition, Code review, central code generation,
system optimization

Skills: C / OSEK / CAN / Software Platform / CM Cynergie / Change Synergie / I-Systems Emulator, UML


04.2000 – 06.2004   Automotive – Infotainment Systems

                                 Project: Automotive Car Radio Navigation with virtual MOST.


Software Architecture of a MOST based HMI framework.
Software Design / Implementation / Test base classes
Software Design / Implementation / Test
         - Navigation HMI and Shadows
         - Phone HMI and Shadows
         - Media HMI and Shadows
Software Design / Implementation of the presentation Layer for Navigation HMI

                                 Position: Senior Architect / Developer

Skills:  C++ / VxWorks / STL / Tornado / MKS / Perforce, UML, Together, Design Patterns, OOA / OOD


08.1999 – 03.2000   Automation


                                 Automation control and commissioning High Rack Storage

Design / Implementation / Test of an ODBC – Interface between
PC-Windows and UNIX
Customer system start up operation
Automated document creation with VBA

                                 Position: Senior Architect / Developer


04.1999 – 07.1999   Automation – Home and Building Control

Process compliance in Quality Assurance
CMM Level 3


                                 SKILLS: CMM Level 3, Software Processes, Software Quality


11.1998 – 03.1999   Business Applications


                                 Design / Implementation / Test of a Database oriented
order management with MS-Office Word / Access in VBA.
Automated document generation and print out.

SKILLS:  VBA / MS Access


4.1989 – 10.1998     Automation – Home and Building Control


                                 Language definition for freely configurable operator interface on a building controller

Design / implementation / documentation / test of an interpreter running on controller
Design / implementation / documentation / test of an editor to generate loadable format

- driver implementation
- API definition

- driver implementation
requirements engineering, design / implementation / documentation / test of Firmware Download form H&BC centrals into controllers
complete communication and telegram definition
complete definition of download firmware system on controller
SRS  (software requirements specification)
SIS ( software interface specification)
MDS (module design specification).
Download is possible via Modem / X-Cnap into multiple controllers in parallel, or via RS 232 into a single controller
implementation of a real-time capable, packet oriented zip-encoder

OS adoption like dynamic memory management, prioritised message handling etc.

                                 Position: Senior Developer
SKILLS: Assembler (80186/Toshiba) / C / Hitex-/Toshiba Emulator
               XTOOLS / PVCS, embedded software, Real-time software


10.1987- 03.1989     Siemens control technology
Design / implementation / test of new
Hot standby concept for BS2000 M70

10.1986- 10.1987     Migration R30/M70 of BS2000
”Linien-Hauptprogramm“, “Linien-Verteiler“
implementation of database reporting software for control system

SKILLS:           Siemens Assembler / Fortran / Dbase / Foxpro


06.1980 - 09.1985    Apparatebau Wiesloch GmbH / Schwenkler Verfahrenstechnik
design / implementation / test
thermodynamic and business calculation for heat recovery systems
Customer system start up operation of several heat exchangers